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It's 1 a.m.

Its 1:04 AM and I'm still chugging away at this project. The project being my personal website, the one you're reading the content from right now actually. It's going well, thus far.

I began approximately 3 days ago, or 11 hours ago. Tonight I plan on wrapping it up for now. The workflow has been fairly predictable. Get inspired, start coding, realize design is important, stop coding, Photoshop, realize it's a website, start coding again, and 3 months later the cycle continues.

It can be painful but I love it. For me it is part of the joy of creating. Wrestling my emotions and desires for the project onto paper or code or whatever, the medium is not important, its the result. And if you are human, 100% of the time you will not be satisfied with the result which will push you further into the creative process, or at least should.

I once heard a preacher expounding on how the relationship between the Creator and the creation changes the moment the creation process is finished. There certainly is truth to that and plenty to go from there. But for now, I'm content with the way it has turned out, lets see where we're at 3 months from now.

—Thanks for Reading!